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I just wanted to thank all of you who entered! We had SO much fun reading all of your CUTE and HILARIOUS stories and it was the hardest decision EVER! But the winner is……………………………………..


who said this:

Jentrie Williams says:

I am SO excited that i have a chance at winning a free session with you Micah! I have been a fan of your work since you started and i would love for you to come spend some time with my family and i on a freezing Utah February day :)

It would be perfect timing because i am 8 months pregnant with boy #2 and have been dying to get an updated picture of my quickly expanding family. (yes, i will be 22 with 2 kids. . . who will only be 15 months apart. can you say busy?!) We are very excited for our addition and want to capture this fun and crazy time in our lives.

And of all the times to have a funny story/series of unfortunate events happen to us, it was on the night of our engagement. It’s quite the long story so i’ll just sum it up to give you an idea of how it went. . .
1. I got in a car accident, that totaled the car we were driving, on my way to the temple (where jake was waiting to propose but i didn’t know that yet)
2. once there, the temple wasn’t lit up anymore cuz the accident ruined the timing, so everything was pitch black
3. i was supposed to listed to a playlist of love songs but i kept skipping through all of them because it was taking too long. (jake said he could hear me skipping through and was like “man she’s ruining it.”
4. once i’d skipped every song, i was supposed to set up a picnic but i could not for the life of me figure out how to use the lighter. so i was still in the dark and the romantic picnic was axed too.
5. once jake came out of hiding i realized he was soaking wet?! apparently he had been hiding in bushes for over an hour. While in hiding the owner of the land saw him and thought he was a punk kid so he threatened him with calling the cops. finally jake was able to explain the situation. then the sprinklers came on. by then i was already there so he had to just sit and get hit by the sprinklers until i was done with the little game he’d set up for me.

There were a few more funny things that happened, but as you can tell, it wasn’t the smoothest engagement hahaha!

But we are head over hills for each other and love nothing more than being parents!!! So we hope that we will be able to win this awesome prize so that we can have a cherished keepsake to remember this fun time in our lives. :)


With such a rocky way to kick off your marriage, you seem to have totally figured things out and are ‘head over hills for each other’. I LOVE IT! And I want to totally help your family remember this CRAZY {and so amazing} time in your lives with pictures you’ll have FOREVER! email me to discuss details,


If we didn’t end up choosing you this time around, we still love you and your story! In fact, we loved them so much that I still want to give you something to walk away with;) If you still are wanting to book a session to remember this fun stage in your lives, then do so before Friday, OCTOBER 14th to receive 20% off your session! {offer is only good if you entered the contest}. And if you book TODAY then you can up that discount to 25% just for bein on the ball:) email me at to book and discuss questions/details.

Thanks again for the fun!! I loved loved loved getting to know all of you better through the stories you shared! And I look forward to hopefully helping you make even more memories with your cute families:)

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